The Water Gardens

Welcome to UK Waterfowl 

UK Waterfowl are breeders of Ornamental Waterfowl

We have many different species of swans, geese, and ducks for sale, from around the world. All our stock are pinioned and captive bred. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about the waterfowl and wildfowl as well as offering waterfowl for sale. Browse our pictures, request more information about our birds, and please contact us if you would like to purchase any of our waterfowl.

Michael Attew, has been keeping and breeding waterfowl for over 25 years. Michael has been a farmer all his working life and has always been “green”, long before that term even existed! Visit the breeder page for more background information about Michael. 

If you have any comments or questions, or simply need more information please contact us.

We reserve the right to adjust prices up or down throughout the season depending on availability of stock