The UK Waterfowl Breeder

Michael AttewMichael Attew (Mike) is the owner of UK Waterfowl and is a waterfowl and wildfowl enthusiast. He has lived and worked with animals all his life and despite officially being a ‘Senior’ he continues to work every day, either with his birds or with his son David, who runs their successful ‘other business’ the award winning Deer’s Glade Caravan and Camping Park. Follow this link to their web-site: Deer’s Glade.

Below is a short biography of Mike. At the age of 15 years Mike left school and although he loved working on the small family farm, in Hanworth, Norfolk, it was not enough to support both him and his brother and sister. So, he decided to become an Apprentice Carpenter, progressing through his City and Guilds and Management training at Norwich City College. While he enjoyed the building industry, his heart was in farming.  So in 1958 he took a job as a herdsman, milking cows.  
During this time his passion for farming and to manage his own farm continued to grow, so in 1964 he moved (with his wife Janet and four young children, Peter, Paul, Sandra, and David) to Glebe Farm, Hanworth, Norfolk as a tenant farmer.  The farm was part of the large Gunton Estate which, upon the death of the then current owner, in 1982 was broken up and sold off.  Mike was able to raise the money necessary to acquire the farm and some additional land and Glebe Farm became the property of the Attew family.

During his more than 40 years in the farming business, with all the ‘ups and downs’ of that industry, Mike has done many things. This included having a dairy herd of 120 Friesian cows, over 500 breeding sows, a herd of pedigree Charolais cattle, 400 breeding sheep.  During this time he was fortunate enough to win many accolades and awards, both at agricultural shows and bull sales. Mike also held various leadership roles with Norfolk Farmers and Aylsham Growers.  In the early days Mike was also a keen Canary breeder and won various awards from shows across the country, including the prestigious Best Canary with Red Factor at the London National. He went on to become a judge and, eventually, Chairman of the Judges Convention.  You can probably tell that Mike does nothing by halves, and attempts to excel at everything he does!

In 1985, through his close friend Brian Boning, Mike became very interested in ornamental waterfowl and wildfowl.  He began by establishing a small number of birds at Glebe Farm and, over the next 25 years the number of different species of waterfowl grew and grew, with breeding facilities and new ponds being added. Glebe Farm is now home to a wide and diverse variety of ornamental wildfowl, including swans, geese, and ducks from all over the world.

In 2004, with the farming industry in another of it’s familiar downs, Mike also decided to diversify into the tourist industry.  But, he wanted to do this in a way that was complimentary to and compatible with his farming background and his passion for ornamental waterfowl.  So, Deer’s Glade Caravan and Camping Park was established in a beautiful woodland setting close to the family home. Of course, there is a duck pond on the park, along with a fishing pond and trails that include the ornamental waterfowl of Glebe Farm.

You are welcome to visit our Ornamental Waterfowl collection, just call us to arrange a mutually convenient time.  If you are a keen caravaner or camper, you can book into Deer’s Glade.  And, if you fancy a short break of 4 or more days, we have a holiday cottage, which you can rent, which is part of our 17th Century farmhouse, with views of some of our extensive ornamental waterfowl pens and ponds and, of course, access to our gardens and surrounding grounds. Click here to view the cottage.